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March 1, 2011

Judge Leonard Edwards – Video Clips

Achieving Permanency: This video explains the importance of timely permanency for children caught up in the child welfare system.  Judge Edwards explains the many reasons why timely permanency is critical for foster youth.  The article entitled “Achieving Timely Permanency in Child Protection Cases: The Importance of Frontloading the Court Process,” is a useful companion piece to this video.

Santa Clara County Mentor Parent Program: This video concerns the Family Wellness Court, now operating in Santa Clara County, California.  This is a unique Family Drug Treatment Court that deals with substance abusing parents (mostly mothers) whose children are between the ages of 0 and 5.  Judge Erica Yew explains how this court focuses on the special needs that young mothers and infants have and the special services that this court provides.

Legal Innovations: This video describes the Santa Clara County Family Drug Treatment Court.  Started in the 1990’s, it was one of the first in the nation.  This video has been distributed all over the world and was the inspiration for the creation of the first such court in London, England.