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August 25, 2012


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An interview by a representative of the American Bar Association’s Child Law Practice. In it Judge Edwards explains why he wrote his book, “The Role of the Juvenile Court Judge: Practice and Ethics.”

Ethical Issues Involving Juvenile Court Judges and CASA
(PowerPoint presentation file)
Judge Leonard Edwards and Cory Pohley, Director, California CASA
December 3, 2013, delivered at Beyond the Bench, Anaheim, CA

CASA Programs and Judicial Ethics
July 2013, The Judges’ Page Newsletter, The National CASA Association

Books Every CASA Library Should Have

The Judicial Role in Creating and Supporting CASA/GAL Programs

Starting a CASA Program in Israel
Winter 2011, The Bench, the official magazine of the California Judges Association

Juvenile Court Corner: Why is CASA So Important For Our Juvenile Courts?
Summer 2009, The Bench, the official magazine of the California Judges Association

Court Improvement in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases: A Historical Perspective
March 2011, Judge’s Page Newsletter, National CASA Association

Effective Child Protection Mediation and Domestic Violence
October, 2008, Judge’s Page Newsletter, National CASA Association

CASA Volunteers and the Education of Foster Children
June 2005, Judge’s Page Newsletter, National CASA Association

Video: Improving Outcomes for Children in Child Protection Cases: The Role of the Child Advocate