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August 25, 2012

Drug & Other Specialty Courts

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Inside the secret court that helps victims of drug abuse keep their families together, article on the London Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC), which has been pioneering a new approach to child protection cases in which one or both parents have drug or alcohol problems.

News: Family Drug and Alcohol Court to be nationwide
Feb. 18, 2015, Family Law Week, UK

Family Drug Courts: A Best Practice That Works
March 2015, California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation website

Just published—Over 20 articles concerning Family Drug Treatment Courts
Summer 2014, The Judges’ Page Newsletter, The National CASA Association

Ethical Issues in the Family Drug Treatment Court
Winter 2013, Juvenile and Family Court Journal

Sanctions in Family Drug Treatment Courts
Winter 2010, Juvenile and Family Court Journal

Judicial Perspectives on Family Drug Treatment Courts
Summer 2005, Juvenile and Family Court Journal

Juvenile Mental Health Court: Rationale and Protocols
Fall 2001, Juvenile and Family Court Journal